Possibly OT: networking under VirtualBox

Nils Kassube kassube at gmx.net
Wed Oct 27 19:37:58 UTC 2010

Mark wrote:
> Since VMware does not seem to like Maverick, I followed suggestions
> here to use VirtualBox, which installed nicely and, with some
> arm-twisting and a little welding, I was able to convert the VMware
> .vmx into the more standard (now) .ovf and the WinXP guest comes up.
> But:
> 1) It can't see my on-board network, so it can't reach the internet
> or even the local (router) network.
> 2) It keeps finding some base hardware component that it doesn't
> identify and can't seem to install.

You could change the simulated type of network card (advanced settings 
for the network adapter of the virtual machine). My Virtualbox uses the 
"PCnet FAST III (Am79C973)" version and WinXP can use it. I don't 
remember if I had to change it or if it was default back when I started 
using virtualbox with WinXP.

> Before I used NAT, I was using bridged mode, but since that gives the
> guest the same IP address shared with the host, that makes the remote
> mounting of the samba drives impossible.

I suppose that assumption comes from your experience with Vmware because 
your network isn't working yet. For my WinXP virtual machine I'm using 
bridged mode and I get a separate IP address for the guest system. Maybe 
Virtualbox uses a different approach than Vmware for bridged mode.


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