Possibly OT: networking under VirtualBox

Mark mhullrich at gmail.com
Wed Oct 27 18:38:06 UTC 2010

I'm wondering if anyone else out there has done this more successfully.

I used to run VMware Server 1.08 under CentOS to run my WinXP guest
since I rarely need to use Windows at all, but once in a while....

Since VMware does not seem to like Maverick, I followed suggestions
here to use VirtualBox, which installed nicely and, with some
arm-twisting and a little welding, I was able to convert the VMware
.vmx into the more standard (now) .ovf and the WinXP guest comes up.


1) It can't see my on-board network, so it can't reach the internet or
even the local (router) network.

2) It keeps finding some base hardware component that it doesn't
identify and can't seem to install.

(These may be related....)

Most importantly I need to get the guest to recognize the network
because I remote mount via samba eight virtual drives for shared
access between the host and the guest, and some of the installed apps
depend on seeing a remote mounted D: drive that is currently

I was using NAT, but obviously the way VMware did that and VB does
that are not the same or, apparently, compatible.

Before I used NAT, I was using bridged mode, but since that gives the
guest the same IP address shared with the host, that makes the remote
mounting of the samba drives impossible.

I realize that this is more of a VB question than Ubuntu, per se, but
if anyone has any similar experience or wise suggestions here, I'd
appreciate the input.



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