DVD downloads?

Dave Howorth dhoworth at mrc-lmb.cam.ac.uk
Tue Oct 26 10:21:03 UTC 2010

I wrote:
> Given all my uncertainty and the fact that it's Friday afternoon, I'm
> now inclined to just burn the CD and settle down to read War and Peace
> this weekend while my home PC downloads all the packages I want.

I thought I'd entertain you all by letting you know what happened :(

Last weekend I finally got around to trying to install from the CD but
failed miserably.

It got as far as suggesting a disk partition scheme. It proposed putting
ubuntu alongside a previous opensuse, but I have to say I couldn't
understand exactly what it was suggesting from the cartoon diagram it
showed me. So I selected expert in the hope of getting some proper
textual description of what it was going to do.

What it was suggesting was obviously wrong for my needs, so I started
tweaking the scheme but rapidly ran into trouble when I discovered that
the installer doesn't support LVM!

What? We're in the 21st century! *EVERY* system should be installed
using LVM, IMHO. (not for the root partition, I hasten to add)

Anyway, I googled a bit, discovered the alternate CD, downloaded that
and burned it and tried again. That was better, at least I got to agree
with it about what I wanted.

But then it came to installing software and part way through the
proceedings it said there was a problem installing the software and I
could continue or abort. No description of what the problem was; no
instruction on how to find out; no help button; no helpful URL. Just
continue or abort. So I aborted.

So I googled again and I gather that there's some arcane sequence of
keystrokes that would have taken me to a command line where I could have
delved in the logs to see the actual error message. Except by then of
course, I'd aborted so I could boot the known working opensuse system
with a browser :(

At that point I just gave up, switched the TV on and opened a bottle of

So now I'm starting to think about it again.
- I could try again and see if I can figure out what the error is and
how to fix it.
- I could burn a DVD and see how that does (the mirrorservice.org
version to be 10.04 rather than 10.04.1 despite what it says - does
anybody know whether there is a 10.04.1 version?)

BTW, thanks to all who suggested them but I'm not interested in 10.10
and I'm not interested in the standard CDs.

Cheers, Dave

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