DVD downloads?

Mark Widdicombe mwiddicombe at shoprite.co.za
Fri Oct 8 14:03:20 UTC 2010

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Mark Widdicombe wrote:
>> I assume you have Ubuntu installed on your work machine?  If so,
>> all you need do is install the packages you want using your fast connection
>> at work, then use remastersys (installable from the repos) to create
>> a custom live DVD that will include all the applications and configuration
>> settings of your work machine.  You can install your home machine from
>> that.

>I've looked a bit closer now and am a bit concerned by all the
>preconditions stated on

>"You should start with a clean install of Ubuntu or variant and use a
>single user to make all changes.  You should not install any proprietary
>video drivers like the nvidia or ati drivers as they will not be used on
>the livecd and users will have to reinstall them after installation.
>Clean up history and cache and copy over the contents to /etc/skel but
>be sure to change the ownership of everything in /etc/skel to root.
>While the livecd/dvd is being created, you should not open any other
>apps or windows."

OK, I don't have any proprietary drivers, so I don't know whether or not
they would pose a problem.  I do have all the proprietary codecs for
sound and video and it puts those on the custom live DVD.

>I've certainly used more than one user and the user setup at home is
>different to that at work. I'm not sure what it means by history and cache.

I'm not sure what it means either.  I have more than one user on my home machine,
but I have no problem creating a live DVD.  Obviously it doesn't record the actual
user accounts or their ./home configuration on the live DVD.

>BTW, it seems that it's not in the standard repositories but it is at:

>deb http://www.geekconnection.org/remastersys/repository karmic/

Could be.  I installed my home system from a custom DVD obtained elsewhere,
so remastersys was already there.

>When I click to install it, it asks for a long list of dependencies
>including such oddities as dmraid and encryptfs, so I'm not sure about it.

>Given all my uncertainty and the fact that it's Friday afternoon, I'm
>now inclined to just burn the CD and settle down to read War and Peace
>this weekend while my home PC downloads all the packages I want.

Wow.  Either your home connection is really slow or you read really fast.
I could download the entire internet in the time it takes to read all 585,000
words of that behomoth.  Did you know Tolstoy's wife wrote the whole thing
out *in longhand* six times?

Ciao & good luck,
It was evident that he had long been convinced that it was impossible for
him to make a mistake, and that in his perception whatever he did was
right, not because it harmonized with any idea of right and wrong, but
because he did it.
Leo Tolstoy, War and Peace


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