Page Loading in Firefox

Steven Susbauer steven at
Mon Oct 25 22:14:49 UTC 2010

On 10/25/10 4:29 PM, clintin at wrote:
> Something I have recently noticed since the last update of Firefox
> 3.6.11 from the repositories. I have a lot of tabs open when I start
> Firefox (a practice of mine for a long time) and now I am noticing that
> the page loads never finish on several of them. Even now Twitter is just
> loading and loading and loading with the icon spinning, and in the
> status bar on this tab as I am writing this email, the page says it is
> Transferring data from... never finishes. Most of them I can get to load
> to a "done" state by manually stopping and/or reloading the page.
> Anybody else noticing or seeing this problem or have thoughts on the
> issue? I have a high speed connection, T1 speed. I thought it might be
> Firebug so I disabled that, no help.

This has long been an issue with Firefox, just search google for 
"firefox stall" and you'll find thousands who have had the same behavior 
on multiple different platforms. Hitting refresh usually gets the page 
to load, and you might try creating a new profile to see if that helps any.

In the modern age T1 is not exactly considered a high speed connection, 
it's only around 1.5 Mbit/s. A T3 is faster than most home connections, 
but not by much.

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