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> On Fri, 2010-10-22 at 23:08 -0400, J wrote:
> > Still, it's a goal worth working toward.  Canonical is working on
> > getting Ubuntu pre-loaded onto systems, but it's up to the buying
> > public to reinforce that work by actually demanding Ubuntu on their
> > computers.
> One thing to be said about Winders, they own their market and there
> is only one set of directory/library rules to follow. We've got stuff
> plastered all over the place, especially between the rpm and deb
> worlds. It must be obsoletely maddening for a software devel to
> write packages for each major Linux distro and keep up with their 6
> month-release packages with each new "scheme d'joir" to contend
> with. Therein lies the madness. 

Actually, in general, it would be better for developers to leave
packaging to the distros. This would guarantee that every distro would
have a perfect package, instead of having to dump & redo.


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