System Backup

Tim Henderson bizdev at
Thu Oct 21 02:25:19 UTC 2010

> Hi!
> I cannot found a solution to make a system and data backup. Is there any
> software integrated with Ubuntu that help to accomplish that? I prefer a
> mature project that make me feel safety.
> Thanxs in advance.

You could write a fairly simple backup script using rsync and tar.

Level 0 - Full backups
	rsync -avz --exclude=exclude_file.txt / /backup

where exclude file has /dev /proc /backup at least.  Set this to run via 
cron once per week.

Level 1 - Incremental
	tar clf --newer-mtime SOMETIME --exclude=/proc --exclude=/backup 
--exclude=/dev level1.tar.gz /

Where SOMETIME is the day the original backups were taken.  Set this to 
run via cron every day.

Tim H.

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