Problems installing on ACER travelmate 2301LM

Tom Rausner tom at
Wed Oct 20 14:50:15 UTC 2010

Hello out there!

I have a mate who want to try out Ubuntu so he gave me an old
ACER travelmate 2301LM and asked me to pour it in there. I started
using the ordinary GUI installation but it got stock after a while.
Then I tried the alternate textbased one. It got stock also but I
could see the problem being the detection of the harddisk. I ripped 
it out and tried to find out what kind it was and the label gave this

PN:	9Y1422-034
HDA PN:	100314974
FW:	3.05

It also had the marking: Ultra ATA

On the net the native harddisk used in this laptop is refered to as
"Parallel ATA" or "pATA" (never heard of it before)

I think the harddisk is OK (but I'm not 100%).

Does anyone have experience in stuffing Ubuntu into one of them
or does anyone know some usefull info ?... please...

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