Ubuntu 10.10 Sound Problem

Adil ALPMAN adil at alpman.net
Sun Oct 17 16:34:05 UTC 2010

But, at the begining, when i didnt choose any speaker options, i cant get 
any sound wit this card. to... :S

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> On Sun, 2010-10-17 at 04:28 +0300, Adil ALPMAN wrote:
>> Hi Everybody;
>> I have installed ubuntu 10.10 (fresh installation) from ubuntu dvd 
>> tonight.
>> My soundcard is Sound Blaster 5.1 VX
>> (http://support.creative.com/Products/ProductDetails.aspx?catID=1&subCatID=207&prodID=17510&prodName=Sound%20Blaster%205.1%20VX&subCatName=Others&CatName=Sound+Blaster&VARSET=prodfaq:PRODFAQ_17510,VARSET=CategoryID:1)
>> in the past (in ubuntu 10.04) i can get a sound from this soundcard but i
>> cant get sound in kubuntu 10.04 but now, i cant get sound from this card 
>> in
>> ubuntu 10.10.
>> Ubuntu meet it as SoundBlaster CA106 and when i click test the right side 
>> of
>> the soundcard in sound properties page i see a new page that 5+1 speakers
>> (because i use this card with creative inspire 5200 5+1 speaker system 
>> and i
>> choose 5.1 analog input + 1 analog output option in ubuntu) and when i 
>> see
>> "test" button on each seperated button on the different speakrs i heard 
>> only
>> noise like a radio that cant find any channel (only noise)...
> I know, it can get weird as pulse isn't always aware of what your
> soundcard can do since it doesn't have the windows drivers.
> "Most onboard audio to this date use software drivers rather than
> hardware to accomplish the audio task. The problem this presents is that
> most computers (notwithstanding the latest and greatest) are depleted of
> valuable resources when it must rely on internal software drivers,
> rather than an external hardware device to handle the audio; this is
> especially true of on-board sound cards that say they are capable of
> "5.1 surround sound"." --from a review of your speaker system on
> Amazon.
> Hopefully you have your SB manual since there was zip for info at that
> site URL. If it requires software drivers, there is part of the problem.
> So, forget about the microphone input, which would squeal like a
> Mandrake Root in the middle of all of those speakers anyway. Deselect
> using a mike. Then select 2.0 (stereo) sound output. You should get
> sound. Then 4.0. Then 4.1. Then 5.0. Then 5.1 Which ever works, stick
> with it. On my 6.1 speaker system, 4.0 works. Ric
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