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Sun Oct 17 02:56:51 UTC 2010

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>  Sherry:
>  I have installed the netbook version.  I just assumed it was maximized for a netbook.  It is on a MSI Wind U100 (which I bought to turn into a Hackintosh) with a 250GB hard drive and 2 gigs of memory.  I am totally new to this so I have absolutely no knowledge regarding the difference between the "netbook" version and the "full" version.   Partitioned the hd and may still install Snow Leopard down the road...but I gotta tell ya I am liking Meerkat more and more.  Also I solved the mp3 issue....drag and drop does work.  I guess I wasn't doing it right or was not patient.

I'm glad you resolved your mp3 issue!

I don't have much experience with the netbook version (I have an Acer, also 250GB/2GB), I tried installing it last spring when I first started using Ubuntu and had several problems although now I don't recall what they were. But my husband had been using the regular version on his laptop, so I just installed that and haven't had a problem with it so I guess it's a moot point anyway :).



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