Thunderbird email question...???

Ted Hilts ehilts at
Sat Oct 16 17:05:44 UTC 2010

Larry Shields wrote:
>   *Ok I know that I have asked this once before, and since that time I 
> have forgotten how to do it...So the problem now is when I try too 
> compose a message, to all of my friends, all of the email addresses used 
> to show up on the left, making it much easer to add each one...
> But now it is not showing any addresses, so can someone tell me how to 
> fix it again, so that they will show up on the left when I try to send a 
> message...???
> Thanks in advance Larry
> *
> Larry

I think you have to use the "Address Book" to register your friends and 
then when sending your emil use the "Contacts" button (beside the "Send" 
button) and then "Send" your email.

PS: Look at all the options associated with the "Address Book" as well 
as the "Contacts" button. Hope this works for you.

Ted Hilts

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