Problem moving a laptop between two networks

Jay Ridgley jridgley2 at
Sat Oct 16 14:44:24 UTC 2010


I have been trying to use a laptop which works just fine on my home 
wireless and wired networks at my son's home.
We both are running Ubuntu 10.04.1. I know about changing the 
/etc/network/interfaces and the /etc/wpa_supplicant.conf files.

I also use a different /etc/hosts file.

Does the fact that he uses Network Manager and I do not, have any 
bearing here?  He uses DHCP for both  wired and  wireless,  I on the 
other hand use a static IP  for wired and DHCP  for wireless. Would that 
make a difference?

When I attempt to bring up a wireless connection I am unable to do so; 
my system does not appear on his network. A wired connection works, 
however. What am I missing?

If you need to see the files involved please let me know...



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