Primary mouse click lockup

OAN UQ kontakt+ubuntu at
Sat Oct 16 11:48:48 UTC 2010

  I'm having the same problem.

Primary mouse button doesn't respond out of the blue and everything else 
works. Sometimes it starts working again (i can't seem to see the 
reason). This could be connected: sometimes the Super-key also doesn't 
respond when the primary mousebuttons not working.

Am 10.09.2010 13:29, schrieb Johnneylee Rollins:
> On occasion, I get a sort of software "stuckness" where the left mouse
> click isn't detected, but the right click is. Originally I had this
> small problem nailed down to Epiphany-browser. It would happen when
> moving the tabs or playing around with it in general. The odd part was
> that I got the same type of lock-up while chromium was open and
> nothing else. Does anyone have any clues on it? I'll hopefully be able
> to more intelligently inform on the situation when I figure out which
> logs I could/should supply.
> [No Karl please]
> ~SpaceGhost

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