Cloning a disk pt2

Ash Wyllie ashw at
Fri Oct 15 15:10:40 UTC 2010

NoOp opined

>On 10/14/2010 09:37 AM, Ash Wyllie wrote:
>> Hi
>> I've booted form my USB stick.

>I take that to mean as a liveCD via a USB stick.

>> I have the hardware, the new disk and the USB to SATA converter. I can see
>> the drive and can modify it using GParted.
>> The original straight from Dell drive is still in the laptop. GParted can
>> see it.
>> But I can't copy it. GParted information gives a warning
>>             "Unable to find mount point"
>>             "Unable to read the contents of this file system!"

>In gparted, right-click the swap partitions and unmount. You should then
>be able to copy the in laptop drive to the external USB drive.

Unmount doesn't change anything.

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