Rolling back to Lucid?

Jordon Bedwell jordon at
Thu Oct 14 23:44:08 UTC 2010

On Thu, 2010-10-14 at 19:23 -0400, Ric Moore wrote:
> I just got an email that my DVD is on the way. I'm wondering if I should
> hold back for awhile? Everything is swell with 10.4 Is there a major
> benefit to 10.10? Ric

There is.  Broken FGLRX and Nvidia drivers.  Lots of new interesting
errors like the one I keep having with Rhythmbox where I can't turn the
volume up and down unless I re-close and open. Constant Gwibber
segfaults from those of us who get hundreds of tweets an hour.  Luckily
I happen to have a newer high-end ATI card that happens to be Direct
Rendering capable from opensource drivers so that problem doesn't matter
to me that much, might to you though.

All basic joking around (even though those are serious problems in
10.10) I like the new 10.10, my full name is finally on indicator, so
now I keep indicator on my bar, I used to dislike Indicator a lot
because it showed my username, not full name. There is better
integration with Pidgin in indicator now too, which pleases me quite a
bit because I really dislike empathy a lot. There are other little tiny
things, but something you might like is the new volume control
integration with rhythmbox, when you click the volume icon it now pop's
up with what you're playing in rhythmbox with the usual buttons.

I could keep going on about changes but those are a few highlights for
ya, if you want more, I can type out 30 pages for you, all about the
changes, why they matter, why they don't matter blah blah blah.  No not
really, I don't have time, but maybe other users can add more.

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