Maverick Meerkat - connecting to N router

[C]hicken [G] od iamthechickengod at
Thu Oct 14 14:26:41 UTC 2010

I just did a fresh install of Maverick Meerkat after a botched upgrade via
update manager from Lucid Lynx. If I understand what I am seeing correctly,
it appears that I am only connecting on wireless G instead of N. I looked up
the connection information and I am using the rt2800 driver instead of the
rt2860 driver which worked with N previously when I was still running Lucid.

When I did the initial upgrade from Lucid to Maverick, I also had the same
problem above which is why I thought I did something wrong so I opted to
just wipe the slate clean and start all over but that does not seem to help
with my problem.

Any ideas on how I can get this resolved?

[C] hicken [G] od
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