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Thu Oct 14 05:15:38 UTC 2010

On 14/10/2010 14:54, Jitender Kiraria wrote:
> I have forgotten Password to my Ubuntu 8.0 system........Is there any 
> way to login or restore the password.......Please Someone help me 
> !!!!!!!!!!! Otherwise I will have to format the system........Thanx.......
> -- 
> Jitu
> 9034317617

By the way, Jitender, the answers you received about how to solve your 
problem also spell out that your system - or anyone's system - is not 
safe just because you have provided a password to logon to your system.

If your computer is stolen then anyone knowing the answers you have been 
given can get inside your system. Or, of course, if you allow someone to 
access your computer without your presence, the same thing....

Which is why there is the recommendation that you encrypt your installation.

For your information.


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