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Thu Oct 14 04:20:02 UTC 2010

On Wed, 13 Oct 2010 21:16:14 -0400
AV3 wrote:

> It's my understanding that Earthlink now shunts our accounts to their 
> functioning successor service. 

I am offended by the lack of information coming to my email account if
that is so.  Having held on for so long, even though access may be had
at substantially lower rates elsewhere, I find that I now am interested
in comparing services once again after many years.

> At the end of the month I sometimes
> get a notice that I am about to exceed my limit of accessed messages,
> and I am offered a subscription purchase at an unattractive price.

looking at my gkrellm logs, I find:
24 GB for Sept.
24 GB for Aug.
88 GB for July

Is your usage that much greater than mine?

Oh, wait, that's total connection.  I don't know how to separate Usenet

> Since I only use my Earthlink news link for binary groups, I use
> text-only no-charge services (like for this group) for
> my daily news fix. They keep me going all month long.

I do keep a gmane account around for archive sake, not much more. 
> What is this stuff about stealing? 

No offense intended, and I certainly didn't mean to impugn your
character or reputation.  But, no matter how much we wish it were
otherwise, that stuff does happen.  I, myself, am not a fan of
copyright as it currently exists but, just as with other things in law
with which I don't agree, I make my disagreement known but comply with
the law anyway.  Mostly.  Sometimes.  If I feel like it.

> Of course I confine my high-minded 
> binary interests to opera music files, language-learning sound files, 
> and great works of world literature. Just like you. is my friend, as is, yes.
...and google/youtube, as they are so scrupulous about doing
right by copyright.    ;-]
> It is so nice to 
> make the acquaintance of another gentleman of the Old School.

Heh, many would disagree with your assessment, but thanks, anyway.

Cybe R. Wizard
"I had a letter in the post today. It said 'Gas Bill'. 
It sounds a tempting offer"
		Alan Cox

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