Nick Edwards nick.z.edwards at
Thu Oct 14 04:19:23 UTC 2010

Has anyone got this working from inside perl script successfully via cron ?
It works fine if I run it by hand, but doesn't do anything via cron.

strace shows connection reset by peer, but, tailing the server shows no
It is a key system and yes, I can happily ssh to the other pc without
password or any prompting.

Yes, they are fully pathed. I prefer use system(), it didn't work either,
but to get it to work I am using backticks with a simple ls,  so I can see
when  it works
getting the darn thing connecting properly, then i'll re-insert my "real
code" of what to do when it connects
I'm trying to remove the need to have a NFS mount all time, as if it goes
away, ubuntus task bar locks (thankfully I have a terminal icon so I can

I know it is going to be something simple, but i'm new to sshfs, and it just
loses the plot when run as a (root) cron job

use Sys::Syslog;

`/usr/bin/sshfs root\@lozza:/ /mnt/lozza`;
$result = `ls /mnt/lozza`;

`/bin/fusermount -u /mnt/lozza`;

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