USB broadband issue

Haseeb ul Hasan urhhoney at
Sat Oct 9 11:26:41 UTC 2010

I sol the EVDO device as I am given another brand's device from the office
... and guess what this new one works on the driver and software I installed
for the last one's website even though the hardware doesnt even come
close... the new one is on CDMA and the last one which didnt work was

This one is now marked as solved...!

On Tue, Sep 28, 2010 at 4:27 PM, Haseeb ul Hasan <urhhoney at> wrote:

> Hiya, My name is Hasan
> I have a Compaq presario V6700 notebook and Using Lucid Lynx
> I have a USB broadband dongle running a 3g connection. ITs an EVDO device
> from HUAWEI Technologies (given by my internet provider, PTCL Pakistan)
> It has windows drivers but then i searched on the internet and got
> mine....on the linux
> But it did not managed to connect to the internet (ive searched what was
> there in the forums already, didnt work out). Then i searched some more,
> found out that somebody managed to make it run through 'kppp' on a fedora
> system....
> I installed the kppp did the settings.. hit the connect button and got
> connected to the internet....Now, the kppp is showing that i am connected to
> the internet but my pc thinks that it is not connected to the internet....
> how can i route the defaultroute to use this ppp modem... it doesnt somehow
> "know" tht the computer is connected to the internet... any thoughts?
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