Base 3.2.1 form > Record Search > wrong field identifier

NoOp glgxg at
Wed Oct 6 23:07:02 UTC 2010

On 10/06/2010 03:24 PM, Detlef Lechner wrote:
> Hi!
> I created an Base 3.2.1 form. Pressing the button »Find
> Record« will open the dialog window »Record Search«. > Where to search >
> Single field shows a drop-down list of 10 entries having the names of
> the associated underlying table columns. That is, with one exception:
> One entry doubles, and another entry is missing. How can I fix that to
> have 10 unique proper field identifiers?
> [Maverick]

I recommend:
[users at - also available via]
Base list:
[users at]

The forums are also quite useful:
and one of the top Base guy hangs out there: Drew

Be sure that you identify that you are running an Ubuntu version of OOo
as that version is based on the go-oo/novell builds and do differ from
the standard OOo builds. You may be told to go ask on launchpad if it
looks to be (U)OOo specific. However, you should still be able to get
most, if not all questions answered via the above.

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