difference between "do-release-upgrade" and "apt-get dist-upgrade"

Jordon Bedwell jordon at envygeeks.com
Wed Oct 6 02:51:26 UTC 2010

On Wed, 2010-10-06 at 10:47 +0800, Sandy Harris wrote:
> On Tue, Oct 5, 2010 at 10:15 AM, Christopher Chan
> <christopher.chan at bradbury.edu.hk> wrote:
> > Alan is talking about circular dependencies and other such like rubbish.
> > There have been those who hosed their installation because they used
> > apt-get dist-upgrade to upgrade. And there have been those who have not
> > been toasted by upgrading with apt-get dist-upgrade. It all pretty much
> > depends on what you have or have not installed.
> I've just used Synaptic for all upgrades from 7.something to 10.04.
> No visible problems so far. Box is a pretty standard machine with
> on-board Intel graphics chip and ethernet.
> Should I be doing something else? Should I take some steps to
> clean up any possible oddities before the next upgrade?

Just do a quick grep of your logs, see if you notice anything that might
be odd, and then start asking questions. Do some cleanup of your home
folder (which most people never do, dirty home folders upset me) and see
if you notice anything visually over the next few days.

Other than there is nothing really you can do unless you feel like going
on a diagnostic egg hunt.  Which I'm sure you don't feel like doing
because it's time consuming if you don't know Linux that well (not
saying you don't.)

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