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Christopher Chan christopher.chan at
Wed Oct 6 01:12:15 UTC 2010

>> I have seen hard disks with a max temp of 55c.
> I have before too, I wish they defaulted to 55c this way people would
> stop being so dumb when they build their home computers.  I don't know
> how many times people will contact me thinking I do home PC work and
> saying 'OMG SOMETHING IS HOT', the only thing I can think is: Learn to
> better airflow and read the suggestions, not the max>.>

Heh. Or make sure all the fans are WORKING.

>> Yeah, whatever, that's why I keep my home box on 24/7.
> I was just elaborating what you said, so I hope you didn't take it as me
> treating you like a noob. I have no room to treat people like noobs, I
> just like to elaborate and explain, it's a hobby, besides my #1 hobby of
> trying to see how fast I can get 'apt-get update' to go :D


>> Nor would I for my mail servers when I was an mta admin and neither
>> would the team that was responsible for the file servers but they were
>> running FreeBSD 4.x then and there was no smartd on FreeBSD 4.x so they
>> assumed that everything was fine nevermind it was a new batch of
>> fileservers in a new case model. Only after I got to stick my nose in
>> and claim Linux is way faster than FreeBSD at serving files (had proof -
>> replacing FreeBSD on my mail servers with Linux got an almost two-fold
>> increase in performance at the cost of very slight instability) did I
>> prove the disks were running hot. Temps ranged from 40 to 67. Feel free
>> to guess which disks died and which did not.
> Man, I miss the days when everything was guessing and it all fell back
> on 'If it isn't breaking then it's obviously okay' if only we could go
> back to those days right?

Oh yeah. The boss was not happy that a non-graduate identified the 
problem while the rest of the team who were graduates could not. I think 
it had to do with the fact that he dismissed my suspicion of heat and 
rubbed my lack of a university education in my face. Them days were good 
with another higher up manager willing to do things with me but the rest 
of the team shunning that manager because he was too much of a maverick 
for their taste and because they could not understand him due to their 
mediocre English skills.

>> I'm not in the business of recovering data so I only care that the
>> entire thing is still operational. That means not running anywhere near 50C.
> Nor am I, but I do destroy, well did, a lot of data drives.  I still
> advise some companies on how to properly destroy data, and my favorite
> was always reaching the curie point.

Do the platters glow?

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