ubuntu 10.04, k3b 2.01, and burning blu-ray BD-R discs

R. A. Bilonick rab at consolidated.net
Tue Oct 5 22:13:16 UTC 2010

I upgraded from 9.04 to 9.10 to 10.04 without any issues. I then
installed the latest version of k3b (2.0.1) which is not in the default
repositories. It installed without any problems. I inserted a BD-R
blu-ray disk, k3b recognized it and I was able to start the burning
process (previous versions would see the disk, let you "fill it up" but
then balk at actually burning it (it would request that you put in a
dvd). Unfortunately, it ended in an error which somehow I was not able
to investigate. You can see the files on the disc and you can even copy
them from the disk to the hard drive. But in some cases (like jpg files)
you can see that they are corrupted (no preview or partial preview) and
the no-preview ones typically won't open for display (the partial
pre-view ones do open). I can copy or view some HDTV videos but at some
point copying always stops (after about 100 mb or so).

I'm running an LG GGW H20L blu-ray burner on a 64-bit system. Has anyone
else had success or problems burning blu-ray disks?

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