amorak: how to add a .pls to cool streams

Thufir Hawat hawat.thufir at
Tue Oct 5 19:02:32 UTC 2010

How do I add a playlist to internet > cool streams?

The .pls is found on NPR,

The particular playlist is:

Sure, it's possible to manually play the URL:

thufir at arrakis:~/Desktop$
thufir at arrakis:~/Desktop$ nl nprlive24.pls
     1	[playlist]
     2	NumberOfEntries=1
     3	File1= 4	Title1=NPR 
     Hour Program Stream
thufir at arrakis:~/Desktop$

but, how do I add that stream to cool streams?  Just streaming that URL is
awkward unless it's part of a collection.



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