[ping seanh] Re: log in problem

NoOp glgxg at sbcglobal.net
Mon Oct 4 22:34:57 UTC 2010

On 10/04/2010 12:30 PM, Ash Wyllie wrote:
> NoOp opined
>>Other than the 0 bytes, the gnome power manager error msg sounds exactly
>>like the problem that seanh was having in the "Can't login into Gnome
>>after updates yersterday (10.04" [1]. I wonder if this is becoming a trend.
>>[Can't login into Gnome after updates yersterday (10.04]
>>"The configuration defaults for Gnome Power Manager have not been
>>installed correctly."
>>Full thread:
>>Perhaps if we can get seanh and Ash to provide the /var/apt/history.log
>>(logs) for the updates on those days we can figure out the common culprit.
> A follow up.
> I turned on my laptop, and got the preboot disk scan. I had hoped that something
> like that would find unallocated disk space and free it up.
> It didn't.
> I have a big enough external drive to hold all data on the internal drive. Is
> there a way to copy the internal drive (or atleast home) to the external drive?

You can use a liveCD (or in your case a USB) to copy. But before you do
that (copy) boot to recovery mode (you said you could do that in a
previous msg) and let's find out the status of your files. In recovery
mode first select the dpkg option and run that. The continue to boot and
that should place you in a console mode; login using your standard
username and password. Now issue the following commands ($ is the prompt
- don't enter that) and let us know the ouput:

$ df -h
$ sudo du /var | sort -nr | head -10
$ sudo du /home/ | sort -nr | head -10

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