[ping seanh] Re: log in problem

Ash Wyllie ashw at lr.net
Tue Oct 5 10:30:54 UTC 2010

NoOp opined

>On 10/04/2010 12:30 PM, Ash Wyllie wrote:
>You can use a liveCD (or in your case a USB) to copy. But before you do
>that (copy) boot to recovery mode (you said you could do that in a
>previous msg) and let's find out the status of your files. In recovery
>mode first select the dpkg option and run that. The continue to boot and
>that should place you in a console mode; login using your standard
>username and password. Now issue the following commands ($ is the prompt
>- don't enter that) and let us know the ouput:

>$ df -h

Filesystem      size    used    avail   use%    mounted on
/dev/sda1       108G    108G        0   100%    /
udev            497M    300K     497M     1%    /dev
none            497M       0     497M     0%    /dev/shm
none            479M    180K     497M     1%    /var/run
none            497M       0     497M     0%    /var/lock
none            479M       0     479M     0%    /lib/init/rev

>$ sudo du /var | sort -nr | head -10

70271856        /var
69989356        /var/backup
19745124        /var/backup/2010-02-01_04.00.04.089058.ashw-laptop.ful
18457968        /var/backup/2010-01-01_04.00.02.470647.ashw-laptop.ful
14512312        /var/backup/2009-12-01_04.00.02.836814.ashw-laptop.ful
12292536        /var/backup/2009-12-01_04.00.02.512045.ashw-laptop.ful
4981412         /var/backup/2009-09-23_23.15.22.379967.ashw-laptop.ful
213212          /var/lib
82960           /var/lib/dpkg
74800           /var/lib/dpkg/info

>$ sudo du /home/ | sort -nr | head -10

20650888        /home
19640904        /home/ashw
9105092         /home/ashw/Pictures
7656780         /home/ashw/Videos
2899584         /home/ashw/Videos/ScottishGames10
1580940         /home/ashw/Pictures/CapetownDiane
1575696         /home/ashw/Videos/vLondon1st
1048572         /home/ashw/Videos/MyAvis
1009980         /home/diane
939916          /home/diane/Pictures

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