No easy mounting of nfs shares (Maverick)

Thierry de Coulon tcoulon at
Mon Oct 4 21:50:46 UTC 2010


I have two lines in fstab that mount nfs shares, both read:

<ip>:/<share>   /<mountpoint>  nfs  users,exec,rw,soft,intr  0 0

When inserted the first line, which has a mountpoint on /centraldata, 
a "centraldata" folder appeared in "Places".

Ŵhen I added a second line with a mountpoint on /server, nothing happens.

I've created 4 scripts that mount/umount these shares. Unfortunately I have no 
feedback unless I open a terminal and type "mount".

If I start the computer with both nfs servers on, both shares are mounted. 
Places shows "centraldata" only, be it mounted or not. Disk Mounter shows 
nothing at all.

I've tried to use gconf to show the trashcan and possibly network shares on 
the desktop, but they won't show.

Now the computer is quite a mess as I've been experimenting with Gnome, KDE 4 
and Trinity, so...  I'll wait until I get my SDD drive, do a clean install 
and see if it changes something...

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