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Basil Chupin blchupin at iinet.net.au
Fri Nov 26 07:21:16 UTC 2010

On 26/11/2010 17:28, Mark Widdicombe wrote:
> Good day all,
> I am having a frustrating time trying to back up my DVD collection.  Some of my DVDs
> are not in pristine condition having been left out of their covers, chewed by the dog and so
> on.  They still play, but I can't find ripping software of sufficient robustness to rip them.  I've
> tried Acidrip which is easy to use but does the dying swan at the slightest scratch on
> the DVD; DVD::RIP which is more robust, but for some reason the sound is not in synch
> on the ripped AVI; and K3B which seems to do nothing at all when the 'Rip Video DVD' menu
> item is selected.
> I would be happy to hear any of your suggestions.
> Ubuntu 10.04

I am not sure what your term "ripping" a DVD means but let me state that 
if your DVDs are that bad then it will be "dollars to cents" that you 
will not be able to "rip" *all* of them.

You can buy a CD/DVD resurfacing kit (from someone like Tandy) to try 
and get rid of the scratches in the disc surfaces - but the result is 
not guaranteed. But the first thing is to clean the surface of the discs 
with methylated spirited (denatured alcohol) to clean the discs and 
maybe, just maybe, make the scratches readable.

I *think* that I know what you are trying to do, but k3b is not what you 
want to use. What you want to use is k9copy.

With k9copy you can - working from memory - set whether read errors are 

However, you could end up with spending hours on having k9copy ignoring 
these errors - with the final outcome that the end product is a total dud.

There are some Window apps which will do something similar and possibly 
be somewhat quicker (you get the "can't do nothing" a lot quicker :-) ), 
but no guarantee on this front either. (if you want more info then send 
private mail to me.)


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