How to read .msg files in Command Line.

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Thu Nov 18 07:07:16 UTC 2010

Maxime Alarie wrote "How to read  .msg files in Command Line." on 9:13:55 pm
|  Good day
|  I have a list of 73 Non Delivery Reports s that bounced in outlook.  I
|  copied all these messages on my Vista Desktop and they  are saved as
|  .msg files.  I want to extract all email addresses of these  .msg files
|  without having to open  each and everyone of them..
|  My first thought was to winscp those emails  to my Ubuntu server and
|  then do something like cat *.msg | grep -I  @  > /tmp/bounced.txt
|  Pronlem is that it seems the .msg files are all binary files and  I seem
|  to be unable to o run such a command.  Is there any command line tools
|  in  Ubuntu that  would let me do that?
|  Thanks.

Found a few suggestions here
and a tutorial here

But my suggestion would be to check these

iamme at thishost:~$ aptitude search exchange mapi | grep evolution
p   evolution-exchange              - Exchange plugin for the Evolution groupwar
p   evolution-exchange-dbg          - Exchange plugin for Evolution with debuggi
p   evolution-mapi                  - Evolution extension for MS Exchange 2007 s
p   libexchange-storage1.2-dev      - Backend library for evolution calendars (d
iamme at thishost:~$

Hope this helps ...


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