How to read .msg files in Command Line.

Maxime Alarie malarie at
Wed Nov 17 15:43:55 UTC 2010

Good day


I have a list of 73 Non Delivery Reports s that bounced in outlook.  I
copied all these messages on my Vista Desktop and they  are saved as
.msg files.  I want to extract all email addresses of these  .msg files
without having to open  each and everyone of them..


My first thought was to winscp those emails  to my Ubuntu server and
then do something like cat *.msg | grep -I  @  > /tmp/bounced.txt


Pronlem is that it seems the .msg files are all binary files and  I seem
to be unable to o run such a command.  Is there any command line tools
in  Ubuntu that  would let me do that?






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