How to make CUPS GUI available to other hosts?

Masao Kitamura masaok at
Wed Nov 17 00:21:12 UTC 2010

I'm trying to make the CUPS GUI available on a server (no monitor).

So, I'm testing on a desktop installation where I know the GUI works like this:


Next, I'm trying to access that same desktop box from another machine's brower:

The cupsd.conf file on the working machine looks like this:

LogLevel warn
MaxLogSize 0
SystemGroup lpadmin
# Only listen for connections from the local machine.
Listen *:631
Listen /var/run/cups/cups.sock
# Show shared printers on the local network.
Browsing On
BrowseOrder allow,deny
BrowseAllow all
BrowseRemoteProtocols CUPS
DefaultAuthType Basic

However, I only get a 403 forbidden response from any other browser

Does anyone know how to access the CUPS GUI from another machine?



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