Kickstart works, but Gnome desktop no longer starts up at boot?

Masao Kitamura masaok at
Mon Nov 8 23:52:43 UTC 2010

Hello all,

So, I've gotten Ubuntu to auto-install using the alternate desktop
10.10 ISO CD with a Kickstart config file, however, it does not boot
into the normal Gnome desktop that you would usually get with the
normal desktop ISO.

My Kickstart file includes the X config here:

#X Window System configuration information
xconfig --depth=24 --resolution=1280x1024 --defaultdesktop=GNOME --startxonboot

But, the machine still boots into the normal command prompt login screen.

Also, after installing the gdm package (used in the normal desktop
ISO), I get a very generic looking Gnome desktop, not the cleaner,
nicer-looking Ubuntu desktop.

Does anyone know how to get the nicer-looking default Ubuntu Gnome
desktop, but still using the alternate desktop ISO?



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