Age-old topic: Windows-Explorer lookalike, where the firetruck is it?

Mark mhullrich at
Fri Nov 5 17:37:47 UTC 2010

On Fri, Nov 5, 2010 at 6:06 AM, Jordon Bedwell <jordon at> wrote:
> On 11/05/2010 07:57 AM, KD wrote:
>> No, I don't know how hard it is to type on an IPad. But why should I care (or
>> anyone else, for that matter)?
>> You seem to imply that the IPad isn't the right tool when it comes to posting to
>> a mailing list. Nevertheless *you* chose to use it for this purpose. Therefore
>> it's *your* job to cope with it's limitations and not the job of all other
>> readers of this list.
> Does anybody else find it a tad bit hilarious and ironic this ^ dude is
> doing all this lecturing from a hotmail address?  Sorry, just leave me
> to myself to chuckle.
Actually, yes.  :^D


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