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> Hmmm, is quoting a self proclaimed anti-theist (as opposed to an
> atheist) somehow different?  Are you not "thrusting" your beliefs on
> everyone else too? It looks to me like you are.  Not by much mind you,
> but to the same extent that dehqan did.

Yes, it is very different.  I have not claimed anywhere any belief in
nor even agreement with the quote to which you refer (Christopher
Hitchens', I think, is he anti-theist?  I just today say that quote
online and don't know anything about the man), although I do so claim
now. I do fully agree with it.  Whether he is a believer in a god or not
doesn't seem to me to be a reflection on that particular quote.  It
just seemed to apply.

Plus, the long-established-but-nowhere-documented rule of thumb is (or
at least has been) that .sigs are personal and not necessarily to be
viewed as part of the message body unless they become large and
unwieldy.  Has that convention recently changed? I do know that there
have been several religious .sigs complained about here from time to
time and the consensus has always been that they are acceptable.

I also agree with that.

Looking, I seem to have several quotes from religious people.  They
don't always point to and shake their own, or even a, religion.

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can make you commit atrocities."

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