Word Processor keeps shutting down on me in a middle of a document

Thierry de Coulon tcoulon at
Thu Nov 4 16:51:43 UTC 2010

On Thursday 04 November 2010 05:26:25 pm Scott Berry wrote:
> I am using a Sony Vgcra8820G computer. This is using 2GB of RAM and no I
> can't actually give a clock time.  But when the document opens it comes
> up immediately with the repair stage.  Then it is usually around a
> minute when it quits and disappears.  What other info can I provide.

You could provide the version number - I assume you are using the stock Ubuntu 

Just a guess: what's your setting for autosave? I ask this, because most of 
the crashes with OOo I've experienced where linked to saving (or to closing) 
a file.

However I've not experiences that with the latest version (the one that came 
with Maverick).


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