Antivirus and anti spam for ubuntu desktop

NoOp glgxg at
Fri Mar 19 01:11:39 UTC 2010

On 03/18/2010 12:48 PM, Liam Proven wrote:
> And finally, since you don't seem to be catching on...
> * The people asking for your hard disk etc. are just teasing you! :¬)

Nope - dead serious. I'll be happy to take the drive off his hands if he
thinks malware was reason to toss it.
I see in his other post that it's 500Gb, so that's even better :-)
Largest I currently have is 200Gb & all of my systems (with the
exception of laptop) are built from systems tossed by Windows users; all
perfectly good hardware... (doesn't meet WinVista/7 specs, nobody
bothered to add memory, new toy is better, etc., etc).

That said, it would probably serve him better if someone takes him
off-list (raises hand reluctantly & yes that is an invitation to
valhalla2100 to contact me directly - looks like he's in my timezone)
and advises him on how to: 1) recover his data from the drive, and 2)
how to resolve issues like this in the future... maybe I can convince
him to send me the drive afterwards :-)

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