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Wed Jun 30 11:39:35 UTC 2010

On Jun/28/2010 7:5222 AM, Douglas Pollard wrote:
> Hi All,  I have a friend that has an old Macentosh hard drive that has a
> book she has written on it.  Can I put the drive in my external hard
> drive case and read in in Ubuntu and put it on DVD. She has been told
> that Windows will not be able to read it.  I told her I thought I could
> do it for her but want to be sure before she mails the drive to me.

How old is old? What others have said about HFS and HFS+ is valid for 
importing the file itself, but in what format is it? If it is in .txt, 
.rtf, or one of the various flavors of .doc, you can use Open Office.

But if it was created earlier than 1998, it might be in an old Mac 
proprietary format created in Claris Works, for instance. In that case, 
your friend needs to convert it herself into a more universally readable 
format. There is a Mac program made by DataViz that can convert old Mac 
formatted documents to more universally usable formats called 
MacLinkPlus Deluxe. Even having used this program, she would be wise to 
proofread the result to make sure it meets her specifications.

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