read extern drive in ubuntu

Maurice McCarthy manselton at
Mon Jun 28 13:09:49 UTC 2010

On 28 June 2010 12:52, Douglas Pollard <dougpol1 at> wrote:
> Hi All,  I have a friend that has an old Macentosh hard drive that has a
> book she has written on it.  Can I put the drive in my external hard
> drive case and read in in Ubuntu and put it on DVD. She has been told
> that Windows will not be able to read it.  I told her I thought I could
> do it for her but want to be sure before she mails the drive to me.
>        Thanks, Doug

MacIntosh file systems are hfs or more lately hfsplus so this ought to
be possible with something like

$ aptitude search hfs

p   hfsplus                                    - Tools to access HFS+
formatted volumes
p   hfsprogs                                   - mkfs and fsck for HFS
and HFS+ file systems
p   hfsutils                                   - Tools for reading and
writing Macintosh volumes

$ sudo aptitude install hfsutils
$ sudo mkdir /macdisk
$ sudo mount -t hfs -o ro /dev/external /macdisk

The option ro mounts read only just as a paranoid precaution.

Good Luck

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