VMWare install

Tim Hanson tjhanson at comcast.net
Mon Jun 28 01:40:40 UTC 2010

I just installed VMWare on my Lucid laptop, and Windows 7 on that.  **aside** 
The default W7 install creates a user account with root privileges.  Still!  I 
_can't_believe_ those turkeys are still doing that!!  **end of aside**

I installed Samba and am currently wading through smb.conf.  Here's my 
question:  My connection to the internet is through my own wifi router at home 
and, when I am at the local coffee shop, theirs.  I assume the routers include 
a DHCP server that gives me what I need to connect.  ifconfig wlan shows 
connection to a 192.168.*.* network here at the local bistro with free 
wireless.  Win 7 also found the connection and allowed a relay to the 

**aside** Anyone who feels insecure about connecting to the internet through 
free non-password-protected sites like restaurants and motels should get an 
encrypted proxy.  I use Secure-Tunnel, which sends everything through a 
standard ssh tunnel and costs me about ten bucks a month.  It's nice to know 
some kid in the parking lot is not surfing the net with me.  **end of aside**

How am I going to get Windows 7 within a VMWare virtual machine to find the 
host, my real computer running Lucid?  Look for localhost?

I know this isn't strictly an Ubuntu question, but I can't be the only Lucid 
user who is doing this.

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