ftpd and sshd?

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> On Jun 22, 2010, at 7:41 PM, Johnneylee Rollins <johnneylee.rollins at gmail.com 
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>> Ubuntu only has the SSH client installed by default, same goes with
>> the ftp client.
>> You have to choose and install your server applications.
>> openssh-server is the server, openssh-client comes installed on  
>> ubuntu
>> by default. vsftpd is a server daemon as well, and ftp is a client
>> that comes preinstalled with Ubuntu.
>> What do you mean about matching servers?
>> Why would you install the server without installing the clients, are
>> you that short on disk space you can't afford <5Mb packages?
>> ~SpaceGhost
> Sorry, bad choice of words!  I don't need matching servers.  I want  
> the new server to replace the 2 old ones I have setup aleady (one is  
> an FTP server, the other is an sftp server).
> Also, I should not install an FTP client or a ssh client if these  
> are installed already, right?  Do I have to install a particular  
> server due to the clients that are already installed?
> Last, but not least, can I run multiple services on one box?  For  
> example,  can I run vsftpd and openssh-server on the same PC?
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Wow, this really annoying!  The tech guys ran 2 new Ethernet drops for  
my new dual nic server.  Problem is that they are both on the private  
network - no Ethernet!  I need one nic on the public network so I can  
install stuff via aptitude and the other nic on the public network for  
my kids to save their work via sftp.  I need to do an aptitude update  
with canonical so I can install the jre plugin in firefox.  I also  
have to install xournal, vlc, handbrake, vsftp and openssh-server.  I  
am just sitting here spinning my wheels waiting for the tech guy to  

A. Jorge Garcia
Applied Math & CS
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