Codecs to RMVB-AVI-FLV-MKV-MP3-OGG#Linux User: 475513

luciana mustard lcn.mustard at
Sun Jun 20 22:51:55 UTC 2010

Codecs to RMVB-AVI-FLV-MKV-MP3-OGG#Linux User: 475513

What codecs should I instarlar to RMVB-AVI-FLV-MKV-MP3-OGG?
What is the best configuration to run kaffeine with compiz / cairo-dock /
How to configure phonon-xine?
How to make dragon kaffeine and have color-balance-settings (in xine-ui
woerks ok)?
How to configure sound for playing music and watching movies at the same
time (both sounds coming out)?
How to install "software center" like the gnome?
Why can not I post in and firefox3.6.3 korqueror only with chrome?

Xini-ui works but I prefer the kaffeine. Kaffeine only plays the sound not
the video ( transparent image  with compiz) and black image without compiz.

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