Anyone familiar with nautilus-actions-config-tool?

NoOp glgxg at
Mon Jun 21 01:02:01 UTC 2010

In Nautilus I have a Bitdefender AV right-click 'Scan with BitDefender'
menu tool that I installed sometime back. While checking an OpenOffice
bug report someone suggested downloading a particular file. Scanning the
file in Windows AVG & using:
I found that Bitdefender (for Unices/linux) didn't pick up the trojan.
However, the F-Prot (linux) scanner does. (Note: I've a report into
Bitdefender to find out why they didn't pick it up).

A 3rd party application called xfprot provides a .deb gui front-end to
and that works great. Menu is added in Applications|Accessories|Xfprot
Now what I'd like to do is add 'Scan with Xprot/F-Prot' to the Nautilus
right-click menu (it adds one for Dolphin for kde). Information on the
nautilus tool is here:
However, I'm unfamiliar with using that tool, hence the question "anyone
familiar with nautilus-actions-config-tool". If you could offer some
guidance on how I can add 'Scan with Xprot/F-Prot' on the right-click
Nautilus menu and then have Xprot or F-Prot scan the file I'd appreciate it.

Note to those that may reply with "you don't need an AV on linux" etc.;
Yes, I do. I do considerable testing in OOo & other cross platform
applications & also run dual-boot Win/Linux systems on the network. So
please refrain from "you don't need an AV on linux" posts... thanks :-)

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