Ubuntu or ubuntu-server edition?

Steve yorvik.ubunto at googlemail.com
Sun Jun 20 16:16:03 UTC 2010

On Sun, 20 Jun 2010 16:43:17 +0100, Karl Larsen <klarsen1 at gmail.com> wrote:

> On 06/20/2010 09:25 AM, Hal Burgiss wrote:
>> On Sun, Jun 20, 2010 at 8:53 AM, Goh Lip<g.lip at gmx.com>  wrote:
>>> Freddy, one important caveat. Most of us here are not on the server
>>> edition. If any of us here set up a 'server'. it is just for mucking
>>> around and may feel unqualified, including myself, to give you
>>> professional advice.
>> This is definitely not true. The signal to noise ratio is definitely
>> anemic, I'll grant you that much.
>          This whole thing is really silly.
> 1. Can a Desktop version be used as a server? Answer yes
> 2. Can a Server version be used as a Desktop? Answer no
Oh yes it can

> 3. What is better about the Server version? It has fewer bytes of data
> on the hard drive.
> 4. If you have a new huge hard drive then there is no reason to use the
> server version.
If you require a GUI then I’d recommend installing the Server Edition then  
installing Ubuntu Desktop with the 'no-install-recommends' option.

	sudo apt-get install -s ubuntu-desktop --no-install-recommends

will simulate the install of 'ubuntu-desktop' and show you what is going  
to be installed, or not.  The 'no-install-recommends' leaves things like  
Open Office out.

You didn’t say what the 'server' is going to be used for. From my,  
limited, experience of small office servers most of them are used as no  
more than storage space, file shares, and maybe a print server.  If this  
is the case, then the minimal install from the alternate CD and the  
suggestion from above may be all you need, along with Samba.

Steve (Yorvyk)

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