Ubuntu or ubuntu-server edition?

Rashkae ubuntu at tigershaunt.com
Sun Jun 20 13:03:01 UTC 2010

Freddy Van Ingelgom wrote:
> Hello folks,
> I was wondering, I have to setup a server for a small business (7 users) and
> I would like to setup with Ubuntu 10.04 (64 bit) Why should I use the server
> edition instead of the regular edition with X-server and Gnome for example?
> Your ideas on this matter will be highly appreciated.
> Thanks!
> Freddy

There's no real magic in the server edition other than more server 
specific packages installed by default (and less desktop specific 
packages).  The actual difference, however, will only be a bit of wasted 
disk space on packages your server probably doesn't need, even if you do 
prefer to have X and GDM login available (such as Open Office, 
Evolution, Rythmbox etc.)  Personally, for small business servers, I 
usually install regular LTS Ubuntu, then add the server packages I want. 
(samba, dovecot, dhcpd, bind, etc.)

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