TOR and Firefox

ssc1478 ssc1478 at
Sat Jun 19 17:01:23 UTC 2010

I was reading about TOR and
thought I would try it out.

I installed TOR using the TOR repo.  It is running (along with polipo)
and works with Chrome.  But I can't get it to work with Firefox 3.6.3.

I think Firefox is blocking non standard ports because I also can't
get to the polipo config (with TOR disabled) at this address:
http://localhost:8123/polipo/config?  I have no problem getting to it
using Chrome.

An error message displays that says this:
" This address is restricted  This address uses a network port which
is normally used for purposes other than Web browsing. Firefox has
canceled the request for your protection."

Does anyone know if Firefox blocks non-standard ports, and if so how
to make changes?



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