Installing tar.bz2 help

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> On Wed, June 16, 2010 21:30, J wrote:
>> On Wed, Jun 16, 2010 at 15:10, Edwin McGuire <mcguiresmain at>
>> wrote:
>>> I have an E-Mail ONLY Account i.e.
>>> So, i can load up my desktop and take it to a friends house everytime i
>>> want
>>> software from Ubuntu or install it from disks. yes, i'd love to have WEB
>>> access, just not fesible right now.As far as synaptic or console, I'd
>>> love
>>> to learn how to do it the apt-get way,but still learning.
>>> Hope that explains it better.
>>> Thanks Ed
>> That's just ... weird.  You have to connect to the internet to get
>> e-mail...  Ok...
> Look at the website. eMyPeople is an small ISP run by 4 people, based in
> Lebanon, Pennsylvania, United States of Mercia. They provide e-mail only
> dialup internet for $6/month, and content filtered internet for $18/month.
> Their definition of content filtered is a mandatory proxy with a
> whitelist.
> I would call this a scam, but apparently this provider is run by a
> religious organisation, so that makes it ok I guess.
Yes its a Religious Org.,I used to have dialup full internet for years, 
(live in the Rocky mountains of Colorado. (96-9800 ft ) we were the last to 
get rid of party line phones,last to get cell service, 1 mile from highway 
but couldnt get dsl,Sattelite cost prohibitive for household 
use,etc....started with compuserve,AOL,MSN (Yuck to all) then had regular 
ISP for awhile.
But as of right now i have E-mail only :(
working on getting DSL at my new house. but still alot of junk on  (WWW) i 
could live without.
looking at getting bigger HD,maybe a terrabyte or 2 to mirror or Rsync i 
  Thanks to those who tried to help. (ill try to read up on TAR. )  :)
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