Buying a NAS or building

Chan Chung Hang Christopher christopher.chan at
Wed Jun 16 13:57:13 UTC 2010

Leo Noordhuizen wrote:
> Hello,
> (If this question is in the wrong place, please point me to the correct 
> place to ask this question ?)
> I am placed for a dilemma.
> Currently I am running an old (relatively) PC with UBUNTU server, and 
> software RAID (RAID-1) as file server.
> However this is overkill.
> The system uses (with 3 drives) 140 watt continuously, and is noisy.
> The performance is great though.
> I want to replace this system with a 2 bay but preferrably a 4 or 5 bay 
> NAS system.

Go solid state disks + uber low wattage CPU and chipset? Like an AMD + 
elcheapo all in one motherboard?

Just a thought.

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