how to configure squid

Hakan Koseoglu hakan at
Wed Jun 16 06:09:49 UTC 2010


On 16 June 2010 06:38, ning luwen <ningluwen at> wrote:
> ok, the squid server ip like 211.83.105.*
> the client ip like 121.49.127.*
> the squid.conf i change to :
> http_port 3128
> acl all src
> http_access allow all
Allowing access to everything is not a good idea. It would open your
server to significant abuse.
The changes you have done should have opened your proxy server wide open.

Are there any errors in the log files in /var/log/squid3? Are you
absolutely sure that port 3128 is allowed through the firewalls?

Hakan (m1fcj) -

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