Sound: Headphones - yes, speakers - no

Cameron Hutchison lists at
Mon Jun 14 00:45:29 UTC 2010

Frans Ketelaars <ketelaars at> writes:

>On Sun, 13 Jun 2010 05:04:39 +0000, Cameron Hutchison wrote:

>> I have just installed Ubuntu 10.04 on a Compaq Presario CQ42-210AU
>> laptop. I cannot get the speakers in the laptop working. It does work if
>> I plug in the headphones. It is not a volume or mute issue. Pulseaudio
>> is set up to use the device (and clearly does when the headphones are
>> plugged in).

>See .

Thanks Frans.

>From that page, I learnt this: 
$ grep Codec /proc/asound/card0/codec#*
Codec: Realtek ID 270

ID 270 looks like an unrecognised codec, otherwise it would have a name.
This lead me to:

from which I added another PPA and installed
linux-alsa-driver-modules-2.6.32-22-generic . After a reboot:
$ grep Codec /proc/asound/card0/codec#*
Codec: Realtek ALC259

....and now I'm getting sound from the internal speaker.

Now I have a problem where the volume is rather low. Anywhere between 0
to 50% is too soft to hear. Apparently pulseaudio has problems if the
hardware reported incorrect dbm values.

Thanks again.

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